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The Chili Volunteer Ambulance provides emergency and non-emergency medical services to the residents of the Town of Chili. On occasion, CVAS services are requested by neighboring communities and are provided in accordance with the Monroe County mutual aid plan. Our web site is loaded with valuable information and news, please visit our site as often as you like.

Agency News

2013 Chil-E Fest

On Thursday July 4th, the Chili Volunteer Ambulance provided EMS/Medical coverage during the 2013 annual Chil-e Fest celebration. Due to the large turn out, the State Health Department deemed this festival a Part 18 event. EMS providers were required to staff two ambulances and an EMS first aid tent from 1pm till approx 11pm. Despite the high heat conditions, there were no serious medical issues. CVAS personnel did take care of several minor first aid requests during the day long event. Chili Ambulance personnel were glad to be of assistance.

MCSO Standby

On Thursday June 20th, the Chili Volunteer Ambulance assisted and stood by while the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad neutralized several explosive devices that were recently taken into custody from another jurisdiction. Because of the bomb squads outstanding training and expertise, the exercise was quickly taken care of without incident. The Gates Fire Department assisted with this detail as well.

Legacy Safety Day

On Saturday, May 18th, 2013 the Chili Volunteer Ambulance attended a health and safety day hosted by the Legacy at Parklands, 2000 Park Creek Dr. EMS providers interfaced with the seniors and discussed topics such as medication safety, fall prevention and the importance of having medical history and medication information available for emergency responders. EMS providers also talked about changes in healthcare and took complimentary blood pressures. The Chili and Clifton Fire Departments were in attendance as well.

Chili Ambulance Adds A New Vehicle To It’s Fleet

4339 Front     4339 Rear

On Sunday November 18th, the Chili Ambulance placed it’s third ambulance in service. With increasing call volumes and the need for additional resources, the CVAS purchased a 2012 Ford E-450 “Marque” ambulance from Gorman Emergency Vehicles located in Elma NY. The new ambulance was designed with safety and ergonomics in mind… Emergency lighting, reflective striping, a hydraulic-electric assist gurney for larger patients, integrated child restraint seat and a number of safety features within the patient compartment will allow EMS personnel to treat and transport patients safely to area hospitals.

The Chili Ambulance is a not-for-profit organization that responds to approximately 2500 calls annually. Emergency responders are both Volunteers and Career Staff personnel who are committed to maintaining a strong town-based emergency medical service.

College Green Seniors Make Donation

This year during the 2012 presidential election, the College Green Seniors once again held there annual craft and baked good sale. For the past 15 plus years, these dedicated seniors have conducted this sale, donating all their proceeds to the Chili Ambulance. Ms Donna Schriner, this years craft sale organizer was pleased to present a check for $1000.00 to Chief Bill Arnold. Ms. Schriner as well as the other College Green seniors are thankful for the quick and professional services provided by the Chili Ambulance.

Two Cardiac Arrest Patients Saved By the CVAS, Gates Paramedics and Chili Fire Crews

Every once and a while, good things do happen… On Friday morning June 10th, the CVAS was dispatched to Weidner Park (Chili Disk Golf) for a 57 year old male in cardiac arrest. When CVAS ambulance 4319 and Gates Medic 40 arrived, CPR had already been started by a town employee who was working in the park. Working together, EMS crews were able to sucsessfully defibrillate the patient as well as get a pulse and the patient breathing on his own before leaving for the hospital. Read more…

Carbon Monoxide…The Silent Killer

Recently, the Rochester area was tragically reminded of the dangers of carbon monoxide. One person died and several others were exposed when a gasoline generator was left running in an attached garage to power a portable space heater. Read more…

Your Town Ambulance

The Chili Ambulance has been serving the Town of Chili for just over 60 years. Recently, in 2006, the Ambulance Service split from the fire department forming the Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service (CVAS). The split from the fire department was a business decision and necessary for several reasons. Changes being made to the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement systems left many of our senior citizens and those on fixed incomes with extremely high advanced life support bills. Although remaining a volunteer service, the new organization, (CVAS) was able to start billing insurance companies for emergency medical services directly. By doing this, it greatly reduced the out of pocket costs for seniors as well as lower the ambulance tax rate by nearly 30%.

The Chili Volunteer Ambulance base is located at 3320 Chili Avenue in the old Ray Sands Glass building across from Suburban Propane. We currently have 48 members answering around 2000 calls annually in a district that covers approximately 42 square miles. Because our volunteers have other jobs, the Chili Volunteer Ambulance (through contract) employees several career staff personnel to fill shifts as needed. We share an excellent relationship with the Gates Volunteer Ambulance who provides the CVAS with primary Paramedic services 24/7 along with back up basic life support when called upon.

As we continue to move forward, our goal has been and continues to be to provide quality emergency medical services to the residents and those spending a portion of their day in the Town of Chili. The volunteers and career staff personnel work very hard every day to deliver a dedicated and compassionate service to those who need it. Working together, we all hope to make a difference...