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Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service

The Chili Ambulance has been serving the Town of Chili for just over 60 years. Recently, in 2006, the Ambulance Service split from the fire department forming the Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service (CVAS). The split from the fire department was a business decision and necessary for several reasons. Changes being made to the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement systems left many of our senior citizens and those on fixed incomes with extremely high advanced life support bills. Although remaining a volunteer service, the new organization, (CVAS) was able to start billing insurance companies for emergency medical services directly. By doing this, it greatly reduced the out of pocket costs for seniors as well as lower the ambulance tax rate by nearly 30%.

The Chili Volunteer Ambulance base is located at 3320 Chili Avenue in the old Ray Sands Glass building across from Suburban Propane. We currently have 48 members answering over 2000 calls annually in a district that covers approximately 42 square miles. Because our volunteers have other jobs, the Chili Volunteer Ambulance (through contract) employees several career staff personnel to fill shifts as needed. We share an excellent relationship with the Gates Volunteer Ambulance who provides the CVAS along with our own Paramedic services 24/7 along with back up basic life support when called upon.

As we continue to move forward, our goal has been and continues to be to provide quality emergency medical services to the residents and those spending a portion of their day in the Town of Chili. The volunteers and career staff personnel work very hard every day to deliver a dedicated and compassionate service to those who need it. Working together, we all hope to make a difference.

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May 26th, 2016

A couple of shots from the 2016 corporate challenge at RIT...

May 20th, 2016

EMS Week CVAS Picnic... Thank you to all the CVAS members who work so hard and dedicate so much time every year...

May 20th, 2016

Photo's of the EMS week Kick Off Bash at the PSTF. Congrat's to all the award winners

May 18th, 2016

Here's a few photos from our explorer trip today! Thank you Barnard Fire Department for inviting us along, it was really fun! Thank you to Mercy Flight Central for showing us the Helicopters and your base. RIT Ambulance I hope you enjoyed it as well!! More photos to come for this exciting EMS week!

April 22nd, 2016

The Chili Volunteer Ambulance would like to thank those who attended the Public meeting at the Chili town hall last evening (4/21/2016). After the short presentation, there were several questions asked regarding the process. At the end of the evening, we believe the residents in attendance were pleased with the presentation and the answers to their questions. While there may have been a misunderstanding about town taxes... town taxes can only be raised if the Town of Chili approves those increases... The Chili Ambulance see's no significant increases in taxes and as a partner of the new merger.. will do our best to keep costs to a minimum. (One of the key points of a merger) Residents shall be assured the following: 1. Call coverage will be the same, if not better than it is today 2. Response times will not increase (for normal call volume) 3. Staffing will not be decreased... staffing increases will be evaluated as call volume dictates. 4. Our mutual aid agreements will remain in tact. The closest, most appropriate ambulance service is always in the patients best interest. 5. Last, we shall always act as the patients advocate. If other treatment or transportation options are more appropriate, we will do our best to help with those decisions. Those wanting to know more about the merger can find us on the web at:


Emergency: 911
Phone: (585) 889-8614
Fax: (585) 889-9796

Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service
3320 Chili Ave
Rochester, NY 14624

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