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Community Education: The Chili Volunteer Ambulance web site has been set up to assist the members of the community with general health care questions and related concerns. Links to other sites such as WebMD, LifeSpan, Child and Adult Protectives, Red Cross, The Town of Chili, and The County of Monroe can be found in the “Links” section of this page. If your organization or group wants to know more about the Chili Volunteer Ambulance, it’s history or services you are asked to call 889-8614

Community CPR: The Chili Volunteer Ambulance encourages the public to be CPR trained. Periodic American Heart Assoc. classes are held at the Ambulance base located at 3320 Chili Ave. If your group (business, doctors office, daycare, or sports organization) is interested in this type of training, we ask that you contact us on our business line (889-8614) and we will will do our best to accommodate your needs. Help save a life, learn CPR.

Loan Closet: The Chili Volunteer Ambulance can assist you with obtaining crutches, walkers, canes or wheel chairs from the Chili Lions Club. If you are in need of these items, please contact the following individuals:

  • Robert Foos – 594-8512
  • Don Cussen – 594-9606

Note: Hospital beds and commodes are available in limited quantities.

A donation to the Chili Lyons is appreciated but not required.

Child Car Seat Program: Chili and Gates Ambulance have now joined together to conduct monthly car seat safety inspections. If interested, please contact the Gates Ambulance at 247-5519 to schedule an appointment. Car seat safety inspections are completed on the second Saturday of each month at the Gates Ambulance base located at 1001 Elmgrove Rd.

Those wanting further information regarding car seat safety, should visit the following internet sites for details…
SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Blood Pressure Screening: Because the Chili Volunteer Ambulance encourages preventative health, residents may stop by the base anytime between 9am and 5pm for a free blood pressure check. Parking is available in the front lot and citizens are asked to ring the doorbell for assistance. Please keep in mind that the base may not be staffed as the crew on duty may be on an emergency assignment.

It should be noted: If you are having a problem with your blood pressure or symptoms such as, chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath or dizziness and require emergency medical assistance, please call 911 and help will come to you.

Special Events / Stand-bys: Citizens groups, Businesses and Organizations wishing to have the Chili Volunteer Ambulance present during there event should contact our offices at 889-8614 at least 1 month prior the event to make the necessary arraignments. Note: Based on crew availability and call volume. the ambulance assigned to/at your event may need to leave to cover a higher priority assignment.

Those organizations requiring a medical stand-by with more than 5000 participants are required to follow the New York State Department of Health Guidelines, Part 18 for public gatherings (NYS DOH Part 18). The permit process is detailed and does have an associated cost. A two month lead time is highly suggested. The organization hosting the event is solely responsible for the permit as well as EMS services. The Chili Volunteer Ambulance will do our best to assist organizations in meeting this criteria.

Stand-by requests not meeting the public gathering criteria are NOT guaranteed. 911 calls from the community are a priority.

Application for a Permit for a Public Gathering
Mass Gathering and Public Functions Fee Determination Schedule

Teddy Bear Clinics: As an educational tool, the Chili Volunteer Ambulance visits local elementary schools to talk with children about emergency medicine and why people need to to be seen at the hospital. Teachers and children play key parts pretending to be ambulance personnel and hospital staff. The youngest children are given teddy bears with make-believe injuries and illnesses and allowed to travel through the treatment process. At the end of the day, the children have a better understanding of both doctor and hospital visits. Hopefully, the young boys and girls will be less scared of medical personnel if or when the need should arise.


Emergency: 911
Phone: (585) 889-8614
Fax: (585) 889-9796

Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service
3320 Chili Ave
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